Why Can Change Be So Difficult?

That's Easy!

Because most people follow the wrong models, they ask the wrong questions ... and follow with training that doesn't work. When the right model is followed, change isn't resisted, it's embraced. Static linear models and stages are dated.

Change is dynamic, flexible and unpredictable.
We track hard trends and know the skills that people will need to thrive in the future.

Through her ChangeFit™ online Boot Camps,
Dr. Janet Lapp helps to develop the attitudes and skills you'll need to thrive in the future.

Each ChangeFit™ Lab is based on evidence of adaptability and resilience and is used effectively with any and all size groups. Portions of the Labs have shown success in various branches of the military and with returning veterans adaptability and re-integration.
The Labs are boot camps in change-readiness.
They drill down in the underlying traits that will prepare people for the future - no matter what! They are fun, remarkably cost-effective and ... they work.

Why Choose ChangeFit™?

ChangeFit™ has fresh, cutting-edge content that you won't find anywhere else.

While most leadership courses downplay or ignore personal development, ChangeFit™ ensures you will have new habits and skills in place to not just master change adaptation, but to uplevel your business forever!

It all starts with action! Each module is packed with downloads, resources, reminder cards and exercises.
Why Choose ChangeFit™?